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WPM (word per minute) is the best free typing test that evaluates your typing speed and gives you some information about your typing speed skills to enhance your skill. This WPM test is specifically established to check how many words you write in a minute. But there are many typing tests available that only focus on how fast you can type, not to mention your mistakes. If you are looking for a good test that measures not only your typing speed but also your mistakes, WPM is a great choice for you.

All free test words per minute work in a slightly different way, but each of them has you typed sample words, phrases, or sentences in a set period of time. However, the most common thing in the different typing tests is 1 minute per word test, but WPM also offers 3 minute and 5-minute typing tests. You can also use all of them and find one that motivates you during the given time period.

Take all WPM test to make things more interesting and record your speed and efficiency, so you can see how they are different. But always remember that sometimes the higher speed can be due to a lack of punctuation and symbols, easy sentence, fewer ads, and smooth text.

When you do not get your required score, you can take a free typing lesson or play some interesting free typing games to increase your speed within a few days. However, if you know you need to refresh your basic typing skills, then the WPM typing test is a great place to start.

Take WPM Test at TypingTyping.com

TypingTyping.com offers the best WPM (words per minute) typing test that is easy to use and more accurate than other typing test websites.

This test offers many options to choose one of them, even select which story to write. Your typing test is started when you press the first key on the keyboard. Therefore, you do not need to worry about starting the time manually. The best thing is that your right-side clock shows you how much time you have left, numbers of errors, and typing speed during the test.

According to my opinion, WPM is a very accurate typing test because you take a test where you’re writing actual paragraphs with proper punctuation instead of easy sentences or string of words. You can also use it to correct your mistakes and increase your typing speed.

10FastFingers – Word Per Minute Test

The 10FastFingers typing speed test is a little bit different because they test you on random words. If we say it is a more difficult test than others, it’s not wrong because the words that come next don’t relate to the previous words.

When you press a key, your test starts immediately, and on the right side of your computer screen, you can see the clock counting down. It is a great way to improve your WMP because here, you type 200 words.

You may notice your wrong word converts into a red highlight during the test, but you can continue your typing without having to go back for corrections.

After the WPM test, you can see your words per minute, correct words, incorrect words, and keystrokes. This website also allows you to take 1000 words test, but you need to create a user account before taking this test. Furthermore, you can also do a live typing test with other users for a more heart-racing experience. The best thing about this test is that it allows you to make a custom typing test.

Free Typing Speed Test Typing.com

Typing.com offers a typing speed test that gives you a lot of difficult words and easy words, so it seems like you’re rewriting a story and writing random words.

As you press a key, your typing speed test starts and ends when your count down runs out. Your mistakes highlight with red color during the test, and if you want, you can back and correct your mistakes, but you don’t have to.

You can pick a test by page (page 1, page 2, page 3) or by time (1m, 2m, 3m). When you finish your test, you’ll see your typing accuracy, speed, and a number of “XP” points that you can use in the next level but for this, make sure you have a user account.

Typing.com also offers typing exercises for beginners.

ARTypist’s Free WPM Test

ARTypist offers the most challenging typing; however, if you are looking for the best typing test, this is one of the best tests to improve your WPM. The test content is getting from a random Wikipedia article, so there are many punctuation, dates, and names, which really slowed me down. After every test, your test content changes.

When you start typing, your countdown starts and ends when you’re finished with the paragraph. You can see your speed, time, and accuracy during the test. Your errors are highlighted, but you’re not forced to go back and correct them. You can see your final result after a complete typing speed test that includes your WPM.

Speed Typing Online’s (Typing Speed Test)

This is an online typing speed test taken from different literature sources to deal with different words, names, and various punctuations.

During typing, you can see your performance, speed, time, and accuracy. Your mistakes are highlighted, but they do not stop you from going back but allowing you to move forward with the test. Usually, this test has a 30-second typing test, but you can choose 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, and 20 minutes.

The test’s unique thing is that it allows you to choose a non-qwerty keyboard layout for your convenience and a double-spacing feature between sentences.

After finish the test, you can see your raw speed, accuracy, adjusted speed, correct and incorrect words, and total words you type in the specific countdown.

Key Hero Free Typing Test (Speed Test)

This is another best online typing test. It is completely free of cost, and the best thing about this test is that it works with many languages and really easy to use. You just need to click on the start button and then test start. When you complete the task, you can see your rest, including typing WPM, accuracy, and average speed.

If you choose the Rielle Riddles test in this typing test, the website will take you to form the next page that shows your best scores.

Your final score depends on your typing speed, and each test can vary from the others. However, you need to refresh the page for a new test.

Live Chat Typing Test

LiveChat is another best website for measuring typing speed. It works on a single line of text, so you won’t lose your focus and space during typing. Unfortunately, this typing test only offers a 60-second test, and you need to refresh the page for a new test. You will find random words during the test instead of real sentences that make it a little bit difficult compared to other typing tests. Just like the other typing test in this test, you can correct your mistakes if you want; otherwise, you can continue typing. In this test, simply start typing and continue until the countdown ends; you will see your WPM result at the end of the test. Remember, you can also see your typing results during the test.

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