Nitro Type Race Game

Nitro Type Racing Game is an online free typing game that is suitable for all ages, kids, and elders. This wonderful game offers many features; the teacher dashboard is a great addition, which lets the teachers check the students’ progress and usage during playing the game.

Teachers need to sign up for their free account before starting. After login, teachers can check the “My Class” page to see their classroom and add students. After that, you will receive a shareable invitation link to join the typing class.

The teacher dashboard in this game allows the teacher to see exactly how much students progressed and how much racing students are doing. The teacher can track students’ total races, total playtime, fastest speed, average typing speed, and last logged in.  

Nitro Type typing game integrates with ClassLink, Google Classroom, and Clever, so if you have an account and use any of those class meeting systems, you can log in with their existing account. Students have fewer passwords, so they can set any password which is easy to remember.

Once students add to the classroom, then they can start a gaming race to beat each other. Generally, the Nitro Type game makes the students pair with the same speed level of words per minute (WPM). Students need to win a qualifying race before starting a competitor race, so connect with friends or all over the world they invite for racing.

The money that students earn during racing can use to customize different cars or buy cars. They go to their garage whenever they need to change or set their cars with different paint and style options. They will also level up as they complete more races and receive achievements and rewards.

In addition, NitroType offers a simple, user-friendly interface that is very easy for students to use. When students join the gaming race with other students, they really enjoy it as well as they make the practice to enhance their typing skills.

One thing that must point out about this game is that it is completely free of cost because it supports ads. So, they can see the ads to the above and side their race. Nitro Type is a great typing game that is suitable for both students and teachers.

The Nitro typing also offers their premium subscription so, if you are interested in buying this plan, you can buy it for $9.95 a year and continue the race without ads. Students will be happy to buy this plan because they receive a Gold membership as well as fun bonuses.

Overall, the Nitro Type is the best tool for both younger and elders. It is also great for competitor type of person. Besides, the teach dashboard is a great addition to this game, allowing the teachers to easily check their students’ progress. So, do you want to be a part of this race as a guest or sign up for free?

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