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There are two main forms: stage rallies and road rallies. Stage rallies have been a specialized branch of the sport since the 1960s. They are based on a straightforward speed competition on roads where no other vehicles are allowed. From flat tarmac and mountain roads to rugged forest trails, from snow and ice to desert sand, each road is designed to provide a challenge for the teams and a test of vehicle performance and reliability.

The fact that these vehicles are in some cases closely related to road cars may be a factor in generating interest among spectators, especially in Europe, Asia and Oceania.

The Escort RS Cosworth driven by British driver Malcolm Wilson on a stage rally
Road rallies were the original format, held on roads open to normal traffic, with the emphasis not on mere speed but on accurate timing and navigation, and vehicle reliability, often on difficult roads and over long distances. It is now primarily an amateur event. There are several types of road rallies that test accuracy, navigation or problem solving. Some common types are Regulated or Time-Speed-Distance rallies (also known as TSD rallies, testing the ability to stay on the course and time), Monte Carlo-style (Monte Carlo, Pan American, Pan Carlo, Continental) rallies (testing navigation and time), and various Gimmick rally types (testing logic and observation).

Many of the early rallies were called trials, and a few still are, although the term now applies primarily to forms of professional motor sport that climb as steep and slippery hills as possible. Many meetings or rallies for car enthusiasts and their vehicles are still referred to as rallies, even if all they involve is the task of getting to the location (usually on a trailer).

Rallying is a sport that is very popular at the “grassroots” level of motorsports – i.e., car clubs. Individuals interested in participating in rallying are encouraged to join a local car club. Club rallies (such as road rallies or regular rallies) are usually conducted on public roads and emphasize navigation and teamwork. These skills are an important foundation needed by anyone who wants to compete at a more advanced level. In some countries, short, special stage practice events on public roads are organized by local clubs with the approval of the local police, the communities that normally use the roads and the road authorities. During these events, public roads are closed by the organizers or the police.

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