Z-Type Game

ZType / Z Type Game

Would you like to learn how to type much faster? ZType or Z Type game is a fast, efficient, and entertaining action game combined with a virtual keyboard to improve your spelling and typing skills. By using your typing skills, stop the enemy’s attack. The letter you will type in this game can convert into a heavy plasma bullet that shoots the enemy’s ships. So, it’s important to type fast and better. However, If you feel you are in the danger zone, then type fast and blast the close enemies.

How Can Play ZType Game

In the ZType space typing spelling game, you have a beautiful spaceship that you will use to shoot your nearby enemy. The enemy ship will be in your opposite direction; however, when an enemy spaceship close to you, then immediately shoot them. So, immediately type the word to see the enemy spaceship before the enemy attacks you.

Remember: First, try to hit the nearest enemy ship so that no enemy comes close to shooting at you.

Whenever you select any word or enemy to target, the color of the target word changes. Once you have successfully completed the exercise, there will be an explosion, and your target will be gone.

You can hit the 1, 2, or 3 on your keyboard to change the level difficulty. However, if you want to win the game, then it’s important to type fast in this ZType typing game.

At the easiest level, you need at least 26 words per minute to win. You need to score at least 46 words per minute to win at the medium level and need at least 81 words per minute to the complex level.

Virtual Gold Medals:

You will get the highest rank in this game (virtual gold modals) when your score is more than 80 words per minute. If you are a professional typing master, it’s very easy for you to get three virtual gold medals. However, if your score lies between 61 to 80, then you win two virtual gold medals. If your score between 46 and 60, then you get only one gold medal.

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