Dance Mat Typing Level 2 Stage 6

Dance Mat Typing Level 2

Dance Mat Typing Stage 6

Keys: Q & P Keys

Dance Mat Typing Game Level 2 Stage 6 For Adults

After learning the most of keys from the home row and top row, its a time to understand how to type the last two remaining keys, q, and p, in the upper row.

At the beginning of Stage 6, take an overview of Home Row Keys and then take a test of what you have learned in the last two steps, for example, T, Y, W, and O Keys. After the overview of the previous lesson, in stage 6, you will learn the right use of P and Q keys. Your left-hand pinky is used to press the q key, and similarly, your right-hand pinky is used to press the p key.

At the end of level 2, this stage assigns all the fingers on the home row; you can extend to your respective keys when needed.

Dance Mat Typing Game Level 2 Stage 6 For Kids

Hello honkers, welcome to level 2, the last stage. At this stage, Miss Flamingo will be your teacher. Before starting the next lesson, to make sure you have a strong grip on the previous lessons, we will only take a brief overview of the upper row and home row keys in the warm-up round. To move the game forward, type all the letters at the top of the screen correctly to show all the snails.

Try to remember what you learned in the previous stage. Once you complete the overview successfully of both the home row and upper row, you will teach how to type O and W keys in the upper row. In this stage, you just need to use your left and right-hand ring finger.

Now we have learned almost all upper row letters except two Q and P keys. Keep the fingers of both hands in the perfect position in the home row. That’s all right! Now we are going to learn how to type q and p keys. These are a little bit difficult to type than other keys but don’t worry, keep trying. In the next two rounds, operate the q and p keys by using your left and right-hand pinky fingers. In the starting, you will feel it is quite difficult to use your pinkies to type but no need to freak out. Gradually, the situation will be better and better, so doing your best and keep practicing.

After all eight snails appear, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that you can easily type the Q and P keys with your pinky fingers. Now finish the last round using both hands typing exercises. When you complete the exercise, you will enjoy nice music with a beautiful flamingo dance. The little blue-green bird will congrats you by playing the flamingo guitar, and Mr. Crab will allow you to enjoy your celebration through dancing.

Well done, and keep it up, Honkers! See you in the next lesson with the new energy level.

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