Dance Mat Typing Level 4 Stage 11

Dance Mat Typing Level 4

Dance Mat Typing Stage 11

Keys: Z & / Keys

Dance Mat Typing Game Level 4 Stage 11 For Adults

In stage 4 of level 4 focuses on how all the letters in the home row, top row, and bottom row were used in the previous level up to Stage 10, where we learned the use of the last two letters x and z. But typing doesn’t just end with a letter; it also involves learning punctuation, so you’ll need to learn how to use the most common punctuation marks on a keyboard.

Firstly, Start reviewing your previous learning, especially all the keys you have learned in level 1, 2, 3, and stage 10 of level 4. Once you finish the overview, Let’s get ready to learn about the new endowment mark keys.

You can type full-stop by using your right-hand ring finger that rests on the L key in the home row. Similarly, you can hit the slash key by using your right-hand pinky finger resting on the colon key. Here you learned the two main punctuations, keep practicing and see the bottom bar to check your progress.

Dance Mat Typing Game Level 4 Stage 11 For Kids

Welcome to Stage 11 of Level 4; you don’t have to know Who I am? You just need to follow me where I go, come with me to my hole!

Today, you will learn something new typing skills until all the lanterns are lit.

First of all, keep your fingers on the home row and type all the letters you see on your screen. Do you remember your last learned letters X and Z keys which you have learned in the last lesson? And another apostrophe mark, which is controlled by your right-hand little finger. You complete the task and here a ring bell? Great! Stop fooling around, and let’s ready to learn new keys and light up the first four lanterns.

Here we are going to learn the two new keys, one of the full stop mark and the other is the slash key. To press the full stop mark, use your right-hand ring finger, and similarly, to press the slash key, use your right-hand little finger. Once you complete the exercise, you realize that your right-hand ring finger controlling O, L, and full stop mark, and your right-hand little finger controlling p, semicolon, slash, and apostrophe.

You will go through the comprehensive lesson with both your left hand and right hand in the final round. All the letters and punctuations you have learned in all the previous lessons will be tested in this round. If you feel difficult for the first or second time, don’t afraid, don’t give up, and try again until you succeed.

Kids, keep it up! Thank you for coming into my hole. I hope you enjoy the journey and learn new skills.

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