Dance Mat Typing Level 3 Stage 8

Dance Mat Typing Level 3

Dance Mat Typing Stage 8

Keys: B & N Keys

Dance Mat Typing Game Level 3 Stage 8 For Adults

In the previous lesson (stage 7), you learned the two new keys in the bottom row of the home row v and m. In this stage, we will learn the two more keys in the bottom row the b, and n keys, but before starting to learn new keys take a small review of the previous 7 keys that we learned in the past. This overview starts from the home row keys and ends with the 7 stage in which you learned how to type v and m keys.

By this time, with the exercise practice and game’s steady tests, you will have made a firm grip to use the home row as well as the top row. Now, it’s a time to learn new letters b and n. They are very easy to type, similar to M and V keys; you have to operate them using pointer fingers.

So, each of your pointer fingers is used to operate a total of 6 letters, such as your right-hand pointer finger hits j, h, u, y, m, and now n too similarly, your left-hand pointer finger hits f, g, r, t, v, and now b, too. Checking the status bar to see your progress.

Dance Mat Typing Game Level 3 Stage 8 For Kids

Hi, little Monkeys! Here we welcome you to the most beautiful beach! Learn typing with me until all the cute little turtles showed. Our little monkeys, you just need to stretch your fingers to the home row and move down to the bottom row. Before starting to learn new letters, we will overview the previous lessons you have learned.

The warm-up round is very simple and easy to show the first two turtles. But to type the third letter, you need to remember the last lesson. Yes! They are V and M; remember the right use of these letters. While doing the tasks, avoid looking at the keyboard. That way, you can increase your typing speed, enhance spelling. Can you want to do, our dear little cute monkey?

Now, In this stage, you are going to learn the right way to type B and N letters. Are your pointer fingers ready to move on to the next? After learned the B letter, your left finger controls the 6 letters r, t, f, g, v, and B.

Well done! Today, let’s start to learn the second new letter N, your right-hand index finger controlled your N key. In that way, your right-hand index finger is controlling six letters Y, U, H, J, N, and M.

Well done Monkeys, all the turtles will appear after having finished all the tasks. Dancing and singing party waiting for you to enjoy! Let’s celebrate your success with all cheer up turtles. Goodbye monkey! Remember your lesson and keep practicing again and again. We will see you in the next step.

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