Dance Mat Typing Level 3 Stage 9

Dance Mat Typing Level 3

Dance Mat Typing Stage 9

Keys: C &, Keys

Dance Mat Typing Game Level 3 Stage 9 For Adults

Here in this stage, you will tackle two more new keys of the bottom row; one letter is C, and the other is the most commonly used punctuation mark, the comma (,). However, in the past two stages, you learned the right use of key V, B, N, and M using your right pointer. So, quickly take an overview of the lessons learned in the past as well as home row keys and the top row keys to make sure you remember everything.

After a complete overview of the previous lessons, it’s time you learned something about new keys. The C key is operated by your middle finger of your left-hand that always rests on the D key in the home row. So, in this way, now the middle finger of your left hand is operating D, E, and C.

Similarly, the comma is operated by your right-hand middle finger so, this way, it operating three keys k, i, and comma (,). However, in stage 9, we cover almost all the bottom row keys with two new letter cover, although the remaining keys are covered in stage 10 of level four.

Dance Mat Typing Game Level 3 Stage 9 For Kids

Hello workers! Welcome to Stage 9! How are you feel? I hope so you are more excited to learn the new lesson. In this lesson, you need to collect beautiful flowers for the Queen, Until all the flowers bloom with the Queen’s beautiful garden. Bring flowers to her, and she will help you with your typing lesson.

Before starting, we have to give a quick short overview of all the previous letters you learned to ensure you remembered everything. In addition to the home row and the top row, we will also review the bottom row in the warm-up round. Let’s see, really your workers have learned! After the quick overview of the exercise, we will now learn how to type the letter C and the most commonly used punctuation comma (,).

To learn how to type key C, use your left middle finger to hit the key c on the bottom row. Complete the exercise and open all the flowers and bring the flowers to Queen. She will give you a beautiful reward for your success. But no need to expect too much! It is just the work of the worker.

In the next step, we are going to learn how to use comma punctuation. Use your right-hand middle finger to type a comma on the bottom row. The same rule applies to both keys. Similarly, open all four beautiful green flowers and bring them to Queen.

There are five practice exercises for both left and right-hand middle fingers waiting for you in the last round, so don’t be afraid! These exercises are more interesting and funnier with “flavoring” the beautiful flowers that will boost your energy!

Once you complete it, you will get a beautiful surprise! The gorgeous Queen will sing a beautiful song, and many different insects will be dancing. So, enjoy your success with a wonderful garden!

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