Dance Mat Typing Level 4 Stage 12

Dance Mat Typing Level 4

Dance Mat Typing Stage 12

Keys: Shift Keys

Dance Mat Typing Level 4 Stage 12 For Adults

Stage 12 is the last stage of the Dance Mat Typing game. In the last 11 stages of the 3 levels, you have learned how to operate the home row, upper row, and bottom row letters as well as the common punctuation marks such as a semicolon, full stop, comma, and forward slash.  

In the last stage, you will learn how to use capitalize words by using shift keys in full hand typing. Before moving to the next stage, this stage requires a complete overview of all past stages lessons to make sure you are perfect to learn full-hand typing. After complete the overview of past stages, you can see your progress bar. Now, it’s time to ready learn how to use capitalize?

The keyboard contains two shift keys for the convenience of both the left hand and right hand. You can use your pinky finger on your left to hit the shift key; similarly, use your right-hand pinky finger to hit the right shift bar. Stage 12 exercise will help you guide how to capitalize; you just need to follow the tips and keep practicing. Once you learned the capitalize, you can repeatedly revise the lesson to grip full hand typing.

Dance Mat Typing Game Level 4 Stage 12 For Kids

Hello, big shots! Welcome to the last stage of the game. I know it’s not easy to get here! Now you can imagine you are the rock star of the typing world. Looks at the seats, the hall is full of audiences! Enjoy your achievement.

The final stage is bigger than the other stages, and the warm-up round is more difficult than the previous. What you have been taught during the last 11 lessons will be reviewed to see if you have taken it completely, as you have come here after successfully completing all the tasks.

Today, you will learn something interesting, the combination. In this lesson, you will hold one key down and, at the same time, press another key to making the correct mark or letter. You don’t need to be worry or scared; Mr. Goat here to guide you.

The shift key is the most important key to this lesson; you need to remember it. If you want to type the capital letters, then you hold down the shift key with your left finger and press the key. But make sure, when you use your left-hand finger to press the shift key, your right-hand finger type the letter.

On the other hand, when you want to type any letter that controls your left hand, press your right-side shift key by using your right-hand little finger. Well done! You are done perfectly! Congratulations!

Hello kids, did you learn the whole keyboard most common keys? Remember, only practice can make you a perfect, fast speed, accurate typist.

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